Yotoda at Chateau de Lastours test track

Yotoda at Chateau de Lastours test track

Complying with our client's request, we took the car to France. Our client would like to drive Yotoda on the test track well known to him - Chateau de Lastours. It is a place where teams train before Dakar and other rallies.

Some time ago Chateau de Lastours was one of Dakar special stages. It was when Dakar had it's place in Europe and Africa.

The track is leading across the picturesque vineyard and wild land of South France. Road is stony and you find there loose gravel and sand.

Our client bought Yotoda and together with three of his friends, he will participate in portuguese 24 Horas TT rally. It will be a great test for Yotoda. 24 hours of driving - it is between 1500 and 2000 km to ride. Currently the car is adapted to conform with technical requirements of the rally. The work is done by Italian Emmepi Racing World.


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